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Foam Seat Cushions help Boost Your Budget

Looking for a quality item to help raise money for your school or team? Foam cushions have a long life, are handy to use and store, allow a place for supporters to advertise on the reverse side. With 3/4″ thick base, the Therm-A-Seat Foam cushion makes a great fundraising item for booster clubs or teams. Get sponsors to pay for an ad on the back and if enough are sold, the sales result in pure profit. Time honored idea to avoid bleacher bottom. Save seats at a game with foam cushions.  One color, one side imprint, min 100 cushions 5.98 ea., 4.91 ea at 300, 4.50 ea at 600, 4.26 ea. at 1000 or more. 2nd side set up is 45.00 per side and 2nd side imprint 79 cents ea per cushion, one color imprint.  Factory can prep art for backside at 85.00 per hr. Font must be bigger than 6 pt on backside to print clearly. 13 X 14″ with a 10 x 10″ imprint area. 14 colors including: Red, royal, forest, black, yellow gold, dark gray, ivory, purple, maroon, orange, brown, sky blue, navy or light gray. Item A686.

Stadium Seat Cushions

Stadium Seat Cushions

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Sell Stadium Cushions…help stamp out bleacher bum

If you want to raise money for your school, booster club or team, look behind you.  Any parent or family member sitting in the stands is your customer. Years of sitting in hard, cold bleachers have taught you to bring something to sit on. With that in mind, think of making money and solving a problem at the same time. Imprinted, custom cushions are very affordable and if you use the second side to sell ad space to local businesses or team supporters, you can offset the price of the cushions and keep whatever you sell them for.  Imprint area is huge (11.5 x 11.5) and can be imprinted on 1 or 2 sides. Make them general enough vs team or sport specific and the whole school and community can be your customer. Plus they last for years so one investment can pay off handsomely for your advertising sponsors (another point to mention when “selling” the ad space). 14″ x 14″ x 1- 1/4.

Available in Black, Bright Gold, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Maroon, Metallic Gold, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, White vinyl. Imprint colors include:  Athletic gold, black, brown, cool gray, dark green, maroon, matte gold, matte silver, navy blue, orange, pink, process blue, red, reflex blue, teal, violet, white and yellow. Union logo is available. Pricing: 100 at 3.95 ea, 250 at 3.79 ea, 500 3.65 ea, 1000 3.55 ea. Add’l color or side is .20 per cushion. Each side has a 40.00 set up/color.


VC311 stadium cushions

Stadium cushion with imprint on front and back make good fundraisers VC311

#VC311   Stadium Cushion

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Hang Loose Foam hand mitt

Hang loose foam hand mitt made of colored, flexible polyurethane. Each mitt can have high quality, waterproof ink imprint on 1 or 2 sides. Great for school spirit or sporting events. Booster club fundraisers, community events, parades, weddings and more. Made from fire retardant material, these also can have customizing if needed. Made in the US. Min is 100. 100 at 2.59 ea, 250 at 2.25, 500 at 2.09, 1000 at 1.99. Set up is $35. These are custom printed for each order. Imprint area is 4.5″ H x 6.25″ W. Item number FNP123140 

Hang loose foam mitt with custom imprint

Show your spirit and raise money by selling hang loose foam hand mitts. Min is 100. Item number FNP123140.


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Spirit Board

Spirit board is an all-in-one product for all your spirit needs. Printed on corrugated vinyl material, it includes 6 spirit products for one low price. Includes  schedule plaque, pom, hand fan, button & #1 finger and a table top sign. Pom attaches to the display board. This product is make in the USA and minimum is only 40 boards for 11.99 ea, 80 10.49 ea, 240 9.49 ea, 480 8.49 ea. Imprint areas: 7″ x 6 1/2″ – Hand Fan, 3 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ Handle Fan, 9 1/4″ x 13″ Table Sign, 6″ x 8 3/4″ Schedule Plaque, 3″ Diameter – Button, 1 1/4″ x 6″ Finger on Hand, 5 3/4″x 2″ Palm on Hand. Your choice of pompom streamer colors from set of 28 colors. Set up is 35.00 per color/side. Additional color is 40 cents per unit. Item number is SB242401 – 24″ Spirit Board. Order at least 6 weeks before you want to start selling or handing these out!

Spirit board Item SB242401

Spirit board contains 6 items imprinted to promote your school or team spirit. Item SB242401

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Foam Fingers Your #1 Source

Are foam fingers in your future? Great for raising spirit, getting a crowd enthused or fundraising. 16″ size foam hands available in 16 sport colors over a dozen shape sincluding: #1 hand, peace sign, 3 fingers, 4 fingers, high five, hang loose, OK sign, trek hand, fist, thumbs up, claw hand and victory hand.  Made of colored, flexible polyurethene, fire retardent, imprint on 1 or 2 sides. Made in the U.S.  Minimum is 100 pieces, starting at 1.65 ea for 100-249, 1.41 for 250-499, 1.31 ea for 500-999, 1.25 for 1000+. Set up is 35.00 per imprint color. Other sizes available as well.

Foam fingers make good fundraising and spirit raising for booster clubs. FNP110160.

Foam fingers fit the bill. Order yours imprinted today #FNP110160

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Shake your Pom Poms, show your spirit

S500 – Solid Handle Pom, 500 Streamers, features extra large print area, accomodates detailed logos and multicolored imprints. Each pom pom has 500 3/16″ wide, 12″ streamers, 28 streamer colors to choose from. Up to 4 mixed streamer colors at no additional charge.  750 count streamer available. 7/16″ extra wide streamers, 220 count available and also available with sparkling glitter streamers. Something to match almost any team colors. Order today for your school or teams next season.  Handle imprint area is 3 3/8″ x 1 3/8″. Set up is 35.00 per imprint color/side. Min 100 poms at 1.29 ea, .89 ea at 250, 79 ea. at 500, .75 ea @ 1000 poms. Additional .10 ea  imprint per color/side.

Pick up to 4 streamer colors to truly make custom pom poms for fundraising and spirit S500

Custom pom pms imprinted on handle, your choice of 28 colors. #S500


Make Some Noise, Raise Some Money

Booster clubs need to raise funds for their sport or activity. Why not try something different this coming school year?

Fan, banner, noisemaker makes great booster fundraising item

#PWF-100 folding fan booster sign makes noise and money at same time

Recyclable. Best of all it can be imprinted on the front with your message and the back side can be a sponsor. Great for football, soccer, basketball, softball, track, anywhere you want the athlete or participant to see the message and hear the crowd as well.  19.5″ x 11.75″ full color process. 50-99 3.71 ea, 100-249 2.00 ea, 251-499 1.67 ea and 500-999 1.52 ea.  1000 + 1.02.  No set up charge.

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Fundraising Idea

After having kids in high school sports for 10 solid years from the start of the oldest to the graduation of the youngest, a revelation. Booster club parents should keep the lists of families who graduate and tap them as possible donors to the sports program(s) in the future.  This former booster parent has years of fundraising experience, from season to season and sport to sport or activity and the concept that the graduates and their families are an untapped resource has again surfaced. Now that all 3 of our kids have completed college, I would be happy to help support teams or activities at the high school they attended.  Why don’t I? No one has ever asked.  So sports booster parents, keep the information of graduating athletes and participants’ families if you can.  A postcard to let them know what’s happening now with the present team or inviting them to an alumni night might just bring in some surprising, unexpected funds…Even years after they were booster parents themselves.

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